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Complaint Procedure


Complaint Handling Procedure

Sharons Credit Union constantly strives for excellence in member service, however, despite our best efforts, errors occasionally do occur.  

As part of our commitment to you, Sharons has implemented a formal complaint handling process to deal with these situations.  This process will provide fair treatment to members and ensure complaints or concerns are dealt with in a courteous and timely manner.

If you have a concern or a complaint about the service we provide or the product lines we offer, we want to hear from you.  By addressing your issue or concern, we will have ultimately improved our service levels to all members.

Please let us know if you have any questions, complaints or concerns about your dealings with Sharons Credit Union.  While our staff members can answer most questions, for complaints and concerns, it is preferable to follow the process outlined below:

Step 1: Talk to us at your Branch

In most cases an issue or concern can be resolved by speaking to the employee or department you have dealt with.  If you are not satisfied with their response you should ask to speak to the Branch Manager of the branch location where you do business with us. For any complaints we receive, we will do our best to respond within five business days. If it takes longer than five business days, we will contact you and follow up accordingly.

Step 2: Contact our Complaint Handling Officer

If you’re still not satisfied, and believe that your complaint requires deeper internal review or investigation, your complaint may be escalated to our Complaint Handling Officer who will assist you. When you do reach out to our Complaint handling Officer, you will be asked to complete and submit the Complaint Form and return to:

Sharons Credit Union

Attention: Complaint Handling Officer


1055 Kingsway

Vancouver, BC V5V 3C7


Step 3: Contact our Ombudservice

If you’re still not satisfied with our final decision, or if 90 days have passed since you formally complained to us, you may contact our external complaints handling body, the Ombudsman for Banking and Investment Services (OBSI) to resolve your complaint.

OBSI is an independent dispute resolution service that investigates unresolved disputes at no charge to you. You must contact OBSI within 180 days of receiving our final decision. OBSI’s Contact information is below.



20 Queen St. W. Suite 2400

PO Box 8

Toronto, ON M5H 3R3



Link to on-line complaint submission form

Toll-free: 1.888.451.4519

TTY Telephone: 1 (844) 358-3442

Record Keeping

You have a right to expect that your complaint will be handled confidentially and that the principles contained in our Privacy Policy will be observed when we collect, store and use personal information obtained in the context of responding to a complaint. While it may be necessary to disclose your personal details to the staff member whose actions or decisions are the subject of the complaint, your personal details will not be disclosed to other staff within the organization who do not have a need to know this information. Once the complaint is resolved and matter concluded, internal sharing of anonymized complaints help us learn and identify what improvements are needed to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.


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