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​Registered Products




Save for your short and long term goals and grow your money tax-free

Key Features
  • Unlike other registered tax-deferred plans, interest earnings in your TFSA are never subject to Canadian tax, even when you withdraw the funds for any given purpose.
  • Although there are contribution limits, the contribution amounts are not reflective of your earned income, so any eligible member can participate.



Save for your retirement with a lifetime of benefits and tax savings

Key Features
  • There is a maximum contribution limit allowed for the year.
  • The amount you can contribute is 18% of your previous year’s earned income, less any pension adjustments, up to the maximum contribution limit allowed for the year*.
  • Members have a choice of Deposit Type or Mutual Fund** Type products for RRSPs.
  • Any profits made on investments in the form of interest are not taxable to you as income until withdrawn.
  • There is a deadline for RRSP contributions – within the first 60 days of the new year.



Convert your RRSP savings into retirement income

Key Features
  • If the RRSP is not converted to an RRIF, it is considered “deregistered” and the proceeds will be paid out as cash and fully taxed as income
  • The year after the plan is opened, an annual minimum payment must be taken out each year and is considered taxable income



Save for your children's education and get government-funded boosts

Key Features
  • An RESP combines three aspects to help you quickly reach your education savings goals: flexibility, tax-deferred investment growth and direct government assistance.
  • Interest earned from RESP savings and investments are tax-deferred until withdrawn for education, the tax will also be in the hands of the beneficiary (student), which usually means little or no tax.



A Savings plan with government-funded grants and bonds for Canadians with disabilities 

Key Features
  • Tax-deferred investment growth
  • Government grants and bonds
  • Variety of investment options, including term deposits and mutual funds
  • Withdrawals are exempt when calculating eligibility for federal or provincial benefits and assistance

**Mutual funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc.


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