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Installment Saving


Installment Saving

Offers business members the means of saving and setting aside funds for a specified purpose

Business Members

6 months ~ 5 years

Registration Deposit 
C$10 or more contributions on a monthly basis


This account offers our business members a safe way to save and earn simple interest on their savings. Through this product, members set their specific financial goal and work towards it.


Members are able to design their savings plan specific to their needs by choosing their contribution values, payment dates, and installment periods.


​The interest rate is set-up at account opening and is only paid when the installment is maintained until maturity.

​Withdrawing Funds

​Interest earned on your investment is not paid if funds are withdrawn before the maturity date. Upon maturity, the agreed interest rate is terminated.

​Deposit Security

​At Sharons Credit Union, depositors are 100% protected by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.


Features and Benefits


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