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Wire Transfer

Send and receive money from anywhere in the world

💰 Receiving the wire transfer

✼The following information is required to receive the wire transfer.

2. Routing Number: 080901310
3. Your SCU Account Number (12 digits)
4. Your Full Name

5. Your Full Address
6. Your Phone Number

😃 Please update your personal information before receiving the transfer.
✅ The information required varis depending on the transfer location so please contact your bank to confirm.
💰 Sending the wire transfer

✼The following information is required to send the wire transfer.

1. Beneficiary Bank Name
2. Beneficiary Bank Address
3. Transit No./ABA/SWIFT Code
4. Beneficiary Full Name
5. Beneficiary Account Number
6. Beneficiary Full Address
7. Beneficiary Phone Number
8. Beneficiary Identification
(Passport, Driver's licence, Business Licence Number)
9. Purpose of Wire Transfer

😃 Wire transfer service is available at all SCU branches.
✅ The information required varies depending on the transfer destination so please contac the branch to confirm.

Currency Exchange

Easy. Quick. Secure.

🏦 Same-day currency exchange is only available between USD and CAD.
💶 order 55 currencies in person at any SCU location*.

📌 Currency exchange service is available at all SCU branches.

1. Preferred exchange rate may apply depending on the amount and time of the exchange transaction.
2. Currency exchange rate may change without notice.
3. The applicable exchange rate is confirmed at the time of the transaction.

⏱️*Currency exchange other than USD and CAD may take a few days.

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