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Board of Directors

Sharons Credit Union is governed by seven Board of Directors elected by the membership. Board of Directors continues to be committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance in order to demonstrate its stewardship to members, employees and the communities it serves. As a Board, they approve Sharons’ vision and strategy and oversee core business operations while building relationship with members and the community.


Howard HY Lee

/ Board Chair /

Providing leadership to the Board, the Chair iselected among Board members for a oneyear term.

Current Term: 2021-2024


Victor Byung Kyu Yoo

/ Vice Chair /

Current Term: 2020-2023

Simon Ahn

/ Director /

Current Term: 2019-2022

Sebastian Jung

/ Director /

Current Term: 2019-2022

Jihan Kim

/ Director /

Current Term: 2019-2022

Tae In Kwon

/ Director /

Current Term: 2021-2024

Lisa Lim

/ Director /

Current Term: 2021-2024


Our Board of Directors make a difference ​

​The Board of Directors help guide your credit union by establishing corporate goals,
​approving major financial decision and allocating resources where they are needed most.

Board responsibilities

The Board is accountable for the Credit Union’s strategy, risk management framework, seniormanagement oversight and internal controls. A Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Defining and approving the credit union’s risk appetite;
  • Setting, approving and monitoring the credit union’s strategy and performance andoverseeing its planning process; and
  • Ensuring that the credit union has the capability and culture to support its risk appetiteand achieve its strategy, including:
  1. ​Oversight of the credit union and executive team;
  2. Choosing and evaluating the CEO; and
  3. Recruitment and renewal of the Board

The Board is also responsible for managing its own affairs, such as electing its chair, appointingits committees and their chairs, evaluating its performance, and establishing board andcommittee processes.

Read Assembling an Effective Team

Board TOR - approved April 28, 2021

Board committee

The Board of Directors has standing committees that are responsible for carrying out bothlegislated and delegated functions. The board committees meet regularly throughout the year.The board delegates certain governance responsibilities to the following five standingcommittees:

  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Governance & Human Resources Committee
  • Conduct Review Committee
  • Investment & Lending Committee
  • Nominating Committee

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Chairman of the Board

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May 2017 - 

May 2016 - Apr 2017

May 2014 - Apr 2016

Apr 2012 - Apr 2014

May 2011 - Apr 2012

Apr 2007 - Apr 2011

Apr 2005 - Mar 2007

Oct 2000 - Mar 2005

May 2000 - Sep 2000

May 1999 - Mar 2000

Dec 1996 - Apr 1999

May 1994 - Nov 1996

Mar 1989 - Apr 1994

Lee, Howard

Kim, Ji Han

Hwang, Seong Il

Shim, Jun Taek

Kwak, Min

Kim, Ji Han

Lee, Kyu Yong

Row, Sung Wook

Kim, Kyung Han

Yoon, Tae Ro

Lee, You Sung

Yoon, Tae Ro

Kim, Kyung Han


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